Health Agencies

Insights to Lower Health Costs and Improved Quality of Care 

Since the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health organizations are more focused than ever on a number of competing priorities: driving down costs, transformation to patient centered healthcare, changing reimbursement models, protecting patient information, modernizing record keeping, and streamlining business operations. Brillient is committed to helping health agencies navigate this rapidly changing environment.

Brillient’s technology consulting and mission support services deliver transformational solutions to our clients that solve problems and produce measurable results. We combine our own innovative products and processes with those of our partners to deliver long-term solutions that are close aligned with our clients’ objectives.

We’ve developed a full suite of solutions that serve healthcare organizations

Business process reengineering

Applying industry best practices, reducing costs, speed to care

Operational and administrative support

Skilled people, processes, tools and expertise

Mobile and web application development

Putting information and care in the hands of patients and providers

IT and technical

Deep domain insight and technology acumen

Records management

Ensuring seamless and compliant business operations

Big data and analytics

Deriving care insights, combating waste/fraud/abuse

Cloud integration

Providing ubiquitous, secure access to data