Property & Asset Management

Ensuring Compliance, Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Government property managers face numerous challenges related to the organization, management, and tracking of property and assets, including:

  • Managing asset inventory across multiple locations
  • Organizational issues including roles, responsibilities, authority and accountability
  • Lack of effective documented processes and procedures
  • Technology issues, accuracy and quality of property data, and reporting
  • Executing cost effective and timely “wall to wall” inventories
  • Management of IG and GAO audits
  • Prevention of theft, loss, and pilferage
  • Management of loans, borrows, transfers, custodianship, property pass, and excess
  • Managing changes in regulation on definitions of controlled and sensitive assets

Brillient helps clients assess, improve and ensure a compliant property management program. Our consultants have deep property management expertise to assist with:

  • Property management and program assessments
  • Program transformation, reengineering and enhancement
  • Staff training and organization
  • Technology and data integration
  • Advanced technology sensing, incl. RFID
  • Policy development and implementation

We also provide skilled staff to execute daily operations of an agency’s property program including:

  • Efficient and cost-effective “Wall to Wall” inventory execution
  • Receiving and warehousing
  • Daily property management and inventory operations
  • Excess asset disposal and recycling
  • Mobile and electronic asset management

By taking advantage of Brillient’s property management capabilities, our clients ensure compliance with federal and agency guidelines, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency.