Cloud Integration

Uncovering the True Value of the Cloud

Agency CIO organizations are faced with the challenge of navigating the hype surrounding cloud solutions. It can be difficult to uncover the true value (if any) of moving to the cloud. While some applications operate well in the cloud, others are best left as they are for multiple reasons.

Brillient’s expert consultants assist CIO organizations in determining if moving to the cloud makes sense and developing a pathway for implementation. We do this through a structured process:


Assessing application and system basics, evaluating the business case, benefits and multi-year spend (total cost of ownership)


Support in architecting the right type of cloud application design including security, failover, elasticity, compute and storage aspects


Solution integration for building and migrating a cloud application to clearly define milestones and test protocols


Support CIO organizations with the development cycle of a cloud application

Brillient partners with FEDRAMP certified cloud infrastructure providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Iron Mountain, Neovera and others. We are vendor neutral, and, depending on a CIO organization’s requirements, we will partner with the right firm to integrate an optimal solution.