Business Process Reengineering

Business Processes Reengineered for Efficient Outcomes

Brillient’s Business Process Reengineering (BPR) solutions combine “science and art” to holistically assess processes, technologies, people and how they relate to overall strategy. Brillient’s consultants bring extensive experience, business acumen and industry best practices to assess existing programs and deliver integrated and improved outcomes.

Engagements start with a clear understanding of the program goals. We follow this up with an “as is” assessment of your existing business processes, including:

  • The people behind the processes
  • Their level of training, morale and commitment
  • The organizational design and its ability to support the goals
  • IT systems, data and the level of integration and communications between different systems

These findings are then measured using Quantitative and Qualitative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Based on the program goals, a “to be” scenario is defined collaboratively with our clients. This is the future end state that will enable the organization to meet its goals and fulfill its mission. A gap analysis is performed to identify improvements needed including re-engineered business processes, training materials, organizational changes, and IT improvements. These improvements are balanced to fit the culture of the organization, feasibility, and most importantly, how they help achieve the execution of the overall strategy.

Implementation results in streamlined processes, improved organization and people, increased efficiencies and reduced costs.