Big Data & Analytics

Transforming Data into Actionable Insight

Brillient helps federal agencies transform information into actionable insight. We are knowledge engineers who specialize in harvesting data and information from disparate sources. We enable data discovery, analysis, data mining and predictive analytics in a nimble and expedient manner.

Our knowledge engineers have extensive experience designing big data analytics programs from the ground up to solve real world problems including fraud, waste and abuse, econometrics, financial analysis, demographics, regulatory analysis and compliance. 

We begin each contract by working closely with our clients to understand their objectives—what problems are they trying to solve, and what questions are they trying to answer? Using this information as the foundation of our work, we develop custom information governance and big data solutions.

We’ve worked with more than 16 federal agencies over the past decade and support some of the largest data warehouses and big data efforts within the federal government.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Massive data set integration – structured, unstructured, semi-structured
  • Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) using custom and COTS tools
  • Data management
  • Data model and database development
  • Metadata development
  • Data warehousing
  • Business Intelligence (BI)Predictive data analytics, dashboards
  • Cloud solutions integration
  • Sybase IQ, DB2 (UDB and Mainframe), Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata and legacy systems
  • Hadoop, NoSQL databases (MongoDB, graph databases)

Our Innovations

Metadata Automator

In order for data to be properly organized and analyzed, we must first access and understand the metadata – the data that describes the key characteristics of the given data set. However, creating metadata is a manual and time consuming process.

Brillient’s Metadata Automator dramatically increases efficiency by automating 88 percent of the previously manual metadata development processes and nearly eliminating human error. By using Metadata Automator, metadata developers boost their efficiency to create 8X more metadata in the same time interval.

View MetaData Automator

Data Masking

Data masking protects information by creating new data that is realistic and looks like the original, but is completely different. Data masking is valuable for a number of use cases: software testing, obscuring certain information from different levels of employees (e.g., a call center), protecting user information from hacks and security breaches as well as counterintelligence.

Brillient’s integrated set of data masking tools help you discover, mask, and analyze sensitive information.

CX Discover: Significantly faster than manual searching, CX Discover allows users to identify and explore PII/sensitive data.

CX Mask: Allows users to mask data on-demand or create virtual copies of entire databases using a variety of data “transformers.”

Data Masking as a Service: Brillient can handle all data discovery, analysis, and masking for our clients as a service, removing the need for investing in hardware, software licensing, or dedicated resources.

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HARMONIC (Holistic Auditing Run MONitoring and Integrity Control) tracks the progress of datasets as they are being combined into a single data warehouse. By verifying and auditing the data as it’s moved through the ETL lifecycle, HARMONIC reduces errors, measures data cleanliness, and ensures data integrity.

HARMONIC can manage and track daily, weekly, and monthly data load operations. The program stores metrics in a centrally located database and alerts users when specific counts spike or dip beyond historical norms, triggering a review of the inbound files, ELT processing, and/or upstream data integrity.

Business Intelligence (BI) Vendor Selection Tool

Brillient’s team of experts has combined their experience with their deep domain knowledge to develop Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions that help guide our clients through BI tool selection.

We take a “bottom-up” approach to scoring vendors on features, capabilities, market presence and financial viability, with weighted scores based on the client’s specific needs. With a simple easy-to-use excel format, the BI Vendor Selection Tool is flexible and efficient for augmenting new vendor information. This tool directly generates positive results for our clients, including time and cost saving benefits.

View BI Selection Tool

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

SNA is a method of studying the relationships between people, organizations, computers, websites, or any other connected entities through the use of network and graph theories. SNA allows complicated networks and systems to be represented in easily digestible visual formats so that they can be better studied and understood.

Brillient’s SNA experts help our clients apply SNA principles within their organizations, programs, or products to uncover opportunities for increased efficiency.

Enhanced Cost Optimization and Recovery (ENCORE)

ENCORE is an innovative solution for reducing costs on credit scoring and credit data services. This unique tool optimizes credit services spending, while streamlining business processes, delivering an average of 30 percent cost savings and unmatched value to our clients in the following areas:

  • Analyzing contract terms
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Fact-finding and research
  • Recommending solutions
  • Implementing strategies
  • Monitoring and providing feedback

ENCORE is a proven solution, saving the GSA and SBA more than 50 percent on credit product spending.