Brillient Technology Lab

Incubating the Best Innovations and Ideas

Brillient Technology Lab was established in 2013 to innovate, experiment with new technologies and build prototypes of solutions that solve real problems for our clients, nation and communities. Through internal research and development funds, Brillient Technology Lab is an investment to harvest the best innovations and ideas from our employees and provide a pathway to experiment, design, build and test them.

We encourage innovation and risk taking without fear of failure. Until recently, Brillient Technology Lab involved our employees spending some hours on a part-time basis to focus on innovation. Given our rapid growth, we plan to start hiring dedicated full-time staff to coordinate and develop a range of innovative solutions, services and products.

Many of our innovations and tools are the product of Brillient Technology Lab. We are currently investing in a range of technologies including:

  • Machine learning
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • NoSQL databases
  • Search technologies
  • Mobile apps