Protect Your Information Assets

Any organization that collects or stores user information is a potential target for a cybersecurity attack. Attacks against government agencies are becoming more frequent and more advanced, and the potential points of entry are increasing as we spread our data across devices and networks.

In order to protect your organization against potential security breaches, you need a partner who can keep up with both the rapid developments in cyber attack strategies and the most current best practices for protection.

Brillient has been a trusted partner for federal agencies for more than a decade. Drawing from our experience building technology solutions for our customers, we’ve developed a full-service cybersecurity practice that:


Assesses existing systems and processes for vulnerabilities and develops a comprehensive protection strategy


Secures organizations and their business operations, systems, products, applications and customer data


Uncovers the full scope of the breach, determines how it was conducted and implements appropriate deterrents.


Prevents future attacks by continuously evaluating systems and processes against industry best practices and intelligence

Brillient also provides managed security services where our skilled personnel assist Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) organizations with security operations. Using our innovative tools, such as our Data Masking solution, we can help CISO organizations secure data sets and preempt attacks by tracking hackers with “honey traps” that identify behaviors.