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The rapid growth of technology, almost ubiquitous broadband access and transformation in the global economy, the world is trending towards urbanization. These days, people are now living in dense urban clusters (mega cities). Local governments are investing in smart city technology to improve the lives of their constituents. Smart city technology helps local leaders address key community challenges including traffic congestion, crime, availability of information, and weather preparedness. This technology can also accelerate economic growth, improve the delivery of local services, and strengthen communication between taxpayers and their elected officials.

The first step of every Smart City initiative is leveraging data: turning data into information, and information into insight. Without the underlying engine that collects, parses, and analyzes data, smart cities initiatives are just big ideas.

Brillient’s proven track record in information management and big data make us an ideal partner for communities that want to make their operations smarter, faster, and more efficient. Drawing from our experience in business intelligence solutions, IT management consulting, and business process improvement, we work with federal, state, local, and city governments to develop smart city solutions. Combining sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) with smart data analytics, these solutions will reduce costs, increase transparency, provide superior service, and improve constituent satisfaction.

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