Internet of Things

Actionable Insights from Data Harvested from Every “Thing”

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides government agencies with a tremendous opportunity to improve service delivery to citizens, defend our nation and increase internal employee productivity. IoT offers a plethora of possible solutions that are only limited by creativity and imagination.

However, creating a connected network of devices and leveraging the data collected from that network can be challenging for federal agencies. Many are dealing with a complex combination of state-of-the-art technology and “legacy” systems. In addition, all government organizations must account for the security and privacy of users and customers before embarking on any IoT initiatives. The exponential growth in IoT devices and the data they collect and transmit will soon reach mind boggling dimensions. With petabytes and exabytes of data being generated in a matter of hours and days, only to get bigger over time.

Brillient has more than a decade of experience in IT consulting, big data management, business intelligence, and property and asset management—making us the ideal partner for organizations that want to stand up or optimize their operations with IoT technologies.

By combining strategic property and asset management with IoT capabilities, Brillient can assist clients in managing asset/device inventory across multiple locations, reducing device downtime, and providing fast data analytics to provide actionable insights. Armed with accurate, timely insights, our clients can make more informed decisions and enhance the performance of their agencies.